About The Project

Jerome's Gift has been a personal 'passion project' of mine over the last 5 years! It has been a real labour of love and it is with great excitement that I get this opportunity to share it with you =) 
The story of Jerome is a multi layered fable that draws on the rich symbolism of the Middle Ages, influenced all of my very favourite stories, writers, and artists. If you love quality art, and meaningful storytelling; if you are passionate about books and want to be rewarded with successive readings; if you enjoy falling into imaginary worlds and staring at pictures to always find something new; if you barrack for the little guy and want to see him succeed; or if you just love dragons, monsters, and boats; well this is the book for you.
It does have it's darker moments - in ways, I guess, it is a reflection of some of my own experiences... see, when I first decided to start this project I was feeling pretty down. My industry was going through a big downturn, and a lot of people were loosing their jobs (me and my friends included!). Whole companies were collapsing, and I mean, as an artist- your job opportunities are already pretty limited right!?
Anyway, things were a bit grim. It was hard to find a way forward. I felt pretty undervalued. But my friends and family were good. I thought a lot about the nature of gift giving, and I reflected on my own natural gifts.I started drawing again- I mean really draw, like I was learning from scratch- not for work, or anyone else, but for the joy of it. I was starting to realise the true nature of gifts, and I felt that there was a story in that to tell.
Jerome's Gift is not about me, but it is about some of those feelings, and there is an honesty about it. I think it is important for young people (especially), to understand that- in times of despair, sometimes you forget that you can do it! This is a story about overcoming that despair, of rejoicing in creative solutions, of finding inspiration in your surroundings (whatever they may be), and ultimately understanding that every problem carries its own solution.
Thanks to the generous support of my fans, we were able to fully fund our Kickstarter campaign in under 6 days! reaching 130% of our goal in the end =)
The book is available right now! Come join us on Jerome's adventure...