Q. What is Jeromes Gift?

A. Firstly, it is a book! It is an illustrated picture book to be precise. But if you are referring to Jerome, and exactly what his gift consists of, well, you'll just have to read the book wont you! ;)

Q. What genre of book?
A. I'd call it an Adventure Book, in the Medieval Fantasy style.
By definition, it is a children's picture book.

Q. Who would like to read this book? What ages?
A. It is a book for all ages, but especially children from about 8yrs to 11yrs old, depending on their literacy level. Basically anyone who likes quality art, and meaningful storytelling will like it.

Q. What is it about?
A. Jerome's Gift is a unique and exquisitely illustrated adventure story that shows us the power of creative problem solving in times of despair. A feast of quality artwork and storytelling, this is a work of beauty, profound detail, and elegant subtlety that will reward you with every successive reading.

Q. What are the book's specs?
A. Hard cover, stitch binding, gold embossing, low gloss durable paper, special colour in end-sheets, custom fold out poster size dust jacket, and 48 beautifully illustrated pages.

Q. Will there be an E-book?
A. For the moment, no. maybe sometime in the future, but the focus here is on a gourmet, tactile, hands-on book experience =)

Q. Will there be an Audio Book?
A. Yup =) and it sounds great- it even has a backing soundtrack!

Q. How much for just the book?
A. At the moment we are only offering a Book+Audio Book bundle for $30 AUD plus postage (depending on where you live).
This is so you can experience the story the way it is meant to be heard (ie. spoken aloud like an old fire-side folk tale). We understand that not everyone is a professional voice actor, so we've gone and found one ourselves =) and it sounds GREAT!

Q. Can I buy multiple copies of the book?
A. If you are a store interested in stocking our product, please contact us at jeromesgift@gmail with your ABN and company details, and we can let you now more about out wholesale terms.

Q. Do you ship internationally?
A. Yes! Apologies to our overseas fans who will incur a larger shipping fee, it is totally out of our control in this part of the world unfortunately - it is with this in mind that we are offering such a quality product for the lowest price possible. 

Be assured that we will post it to you as safely and cost effectively as we can, and that the book is definitely, DEFINITELY, worth it =)

Q. When will it arrive?
A. Orders usually ship within 4 days of purchase, and will arrive in most Australian locations within 2-3 days. Shipping details will usually be sent to your email address.

Q. Who is Condotta Press?
A. Condotta Press is the Artists own label, created specifically for this book and showcasing the highest possible standards of print production. Upon launch in Oct 2017 the book sold over 250 copies in less than six days in a story of indie self-publishing success that continues to this day. The creator hopes to find it a home with an international publisher.