"A few words that spring to mind straight away: Nostalgic – wholesome, edifying.  

I love the character overcoming adversity, finding his solutions in the darkest times. It’s refreshing for a protagonist to solve problems with his own wits and not magic! The story is satisfying and I enjoy the spaces where the reader is allowed time to think.   The end works really well – leaving the reader to come to the conclusion." 

- Rachel.  

"This is really wonderful. I love it! A sweet, original story with beautiful, uncliched rhymes and rich vocabulary." 

- Jennifer . 

"I liked that it rhymed, I also liked the repetition of the lines, I liked the adventure" 

- Holly, 7. 

"very well written... Liam and I have read it quite a few times... We read it through several times and he was intrigued as it is something completely different to what he normally reads." 

- Nick (Liam, 7).

"Definitely appreciated the energetic and sweeping quality of your illustrations. Also enjoyed the connection between the ending and the beginning which gave the story a sort of universal, timeless feel"

- Nick, Editorial Assistant 

"I loved the artwork – it looks just like something I would’ve loved as a kid, and think that it’s utterly charming. I thought the rhyming prose was full of character. There’s just no question in it for me. The rhyme adds whimsy and joy to the illustrations. The repetition of the plot is also aided by the lyrical quality of the rhyme, making it feel like an adventure" 

- Allen and Unwin.  

"Patrick read the story fluently, and quite liked the rhyming verse." 

- Michael (Patrick, 8).

"It is a heart-warming, mysterious adventure story. It is very descriptive and is a great book for kids who want to discover new worlds. All up I think Jerome's Gift is an amazing book" 

- Bonnie, 10.  

"I thought this book was funny, quirky and descriptive...I would recommend this book for 9-11, as I found it deeply entertaining/interesting!" 
- Niamh, 11. 

"It was exciting and great. There was some happiness and sadness. It is a great story. 100% great" 

- Jamie, yr4 

"Jeromes Gift is a great story for all ages because it has a lot of ideas in it. I would rate this book 5 stars. Thank you for writing this wonderful book!" 

- Nick, yr4 

"Aiden enjoyed the story and was able to read and comprehend it without any adult assistance." 

Karen (Aiden, 8) 

"I enjoyed reading Jerome's Gift and loved the way the writing flowed... She loved the story." 

- Kim (Isla, 7) 

"My kids love the book! Love it!" 

- Russell.